Image by Patrick Hendry

Noise Impact Assessments

As part of the planning process, it is not uncommon that a noise impact assessment is required, either to gain planning permission or to discharge a condition.

For new-build residential buildings, Hawkins can conduct measurements of environmental noise to determine the suitability of the noise environment for residential properties. We conduct noise break-in assessments for the new building and advise developers and designers on the requirements to mitigate noise and ensure the health and wellbeing of residents.

For new installations of external mechanical plant, such as new air handling units, condensers or fans, the Local Authority might require a prediction of the noise levels emitted by the plant at the nearest noise sensitive receptor, such as the nearest house, school or hospital. Hawkins conducts these types of assessments routinely and we are able to produce a report suitable for the Local Authority with recommendations for louvres, silencers or other attenuators in order to meet the required levels.